Yahoo! - C&W awarded sole agency instruction to find new premises and new tenant for current leases

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The Challenge

To save on costs stemming from divided use of property by different business units in Korea, Yahoo! Korea was required to consolidate two offices into one head office, where all employees would share 6 floors of JS Tower in GBD Seoul. To accommodate maximum utilization of space and minimize risks involved with consolidation and restack, C&W was appointed to provide Project Management Services and consultation on relocation planning and vendor management.

The Solution

  • Consolidated all operations into one building
  • Complete overhaul of interior design features to create new office space under budget
  • Work area : 3,500 sqm (37,700 sqf)
  • Extensive pre-project planning to reduce hidden costs and delays
  • Established phase-plan to maximize work efficiency and ensue continuity of business operation
  • Systematic vendor selection process for best tender results
  • Vigorous communication and opinion gathering from project group and end-users
  • Appointment of project managers according to different project work items

The Results

Project team was able to achieve 0% delay from previously set schedule, overall project cost was negotiated beyond expectation, and there were no delays or infringement of Yahoo! Korea business activity