Burberry Korea

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The Challenge

The area known as Cheongdam is extremely difficult to acquire space in due to high levels of competition among luxury brands and a relatively small supply of space.

The Solution

Step 1: Conduct a comprehensive situation analysis including a full legal and financial analysis of the leases, along with the terms and conditions required to vacate the premises, and a detailed cash flow.

Step 2: To bring Landowners to negotiation table with client, due to family divided ownership.

Step 3: Put all landlowners in one table to negotiate the conditions of leasing land and building the client’s own flagship building.

The Results

Burberry Korea has agreed to lease corner land around 620 sq m (6,673.62 sq ft) in the Cheongdam area where is famous for Luxury street and is more than satisfied that all of its objectives have been met especially, lease term.