Appraise a property/portfolio

  • Portfolio Valuation

    As one of the largest commercial property valuers in the world, Cushman & Wakefield has the scale to undertake large, multi-location portfolio assignments. Thanks to our global reach and local knowledge, we are able to analyse, evaluate and report on multiple properties located over large geographic areas. 

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  • Real Estate Valuation

    Our valuation advice supports the occupational decisions of occupiers, in the context of dynamic markets. We deliver rental and property tax advice for all real estate classes, suitable for occupational needs. 

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  • Valuation for Financial Reporting

    Our valuation advice supports the investment decisions of developers, in the context of dynamic markets. We provide cost effective, periodic valuation opinions for regulatory and financial reporting purposes, compliant to IFRS, HKAS, JP-GAAP or FRS.

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Case Studies

LCTPFV Co. requested C&W for business evaluation and marketing research service for LCT project (High-rise Mixed-use Complex Development)