Business Valuation

We deliver Fair Value opinions for tangible and intangible asset classes, suitable for regulatory and transactional applications.

You will receive a robust opinion, supported by in-house occupational and investment market participation, delivered under a trusted global brand, within an agreed timetable and at a competitive price.

Our advice not only supports the management and investment decisions of corporations and investors in the context of dynamic markets, but also acts as third party opinion for auditors to assess the Fair Values of tangible and intangible assets.

Financial reporting

We provide cost effective, periodic valuation opinions for regulatory and financial reporting purposes, compliant to IFRS, HKAS and HKFRS etc.

Corporate transactions

A formal opinion of value might be required in support of a proposed sale or purchase of a business entity.

Listing / IPO

We provide business valuation support for fund raising events through Listings on the world’s stock exchanges.

Portfolio valuation

Whether assessing financial instruments on an individual or portfolio basis, we can help provide an accurate estimation of investment value in the current market.

How We Can Help

Our report provides Fair Value opinions on:

Business enterprises

With our comprehensive knowledge on various industry sectors and economic environment of the local markets, we manage to best estimate the value of business enterprises with reasonable forecasts on operating income/expense, growth rate, discount rate, etc. for various businesses.

Intangible assets

With growing importance of intellectual capital, especially during business acquisitions, we provide comprehensive valuation advisory services on intangible assets from patents to trademarks, franchises, licenses, copyrights, customer lists, operating rights and goodwill etc. to support financial reporting and management decision making.

Financial instruments

To meet rising financing and investing needs from corporations and investors, we provide Fair Value opinions on financial instruments such as pre-IPO stock options, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, financial guarantee, forward and swap contracts, employee share options and equity-linked products etc.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Business context

We recognise the importance of connecting our advice to the many different business decisions you need to make. Understanding the value of your business and asset is critical to your business processes and decisions.

Expertise in regulatory regime

Our professionals include experienced chartered accountants and we deliver our service within regulatory environments requiring valuations to be delivered to national and international accounting standards. We follow these rigorously, giving you the confidence that our advice will withstand the rigor of the audit process.

Local market insight

With offices located across most major cities in Asia, our valuation professionals are well positioned to provide the necessary support and advice required to meet the simplest or most challenging of requirements.


We ensure that we have no conflicts of interest and therefore our advice is without bias and is accepted as third party opinion for financial reporting and other regulatory purposes.

Experience and Resources

Our professionals have extensive experience, with specialists in many aspects of businesses including accounting, tax and finance. We have the capabilities and industry knowledge to perform business valuation services in a timely and efficient manner.